Fresno barber gets a very special award

FRESNO, Calif.

Allen Rasmussen has spent a half century cutting people's hair, and discussing the day's hot topics. The loyalty of his long-time customers shows he is a cut above the rest.

SJ Davidian was a man on a mission. He came to honor his barber Allen, who has been cutting hair for 50 years.

SJ told Allen, "I've formed the World Foundation for Excellence in Barbering and Hair Styling."

Allen was given a plaque for five decades of service. His customers have become family.

"The people," said Allen. "That's the best out of all the years, all the people I met."

Allen believes the old ways are still the best ways. He still gives a warm towel scalp massage before haircuts. Rasmussen is 68 years old. He says the key to looking and staying young is simple.

"Clean living. Have a good time, enjoy life. I do good," explained Allen. "I have a great clientele and great family."

Of course it helps to be surrounded by warm clients with a sense of humor.

"He's been cutting my hair for about 25 years now," said Rollie Mitchell. "He's been doing a good job except my hair is getting thinner and thinner, he doesn't have as much to do."

The barber's chair has always been a place to take a load off while Allen takes a little off the top and the sides.

Allen has taken clients through Beatles mop tops, and mullets, back to crew cuts. One style though confounded him.

"The bowl haircuts for the little boys used to have those were tough for us to do," said Allen. "That was like doing a bad haircut on purpose. Haha."

Gel has replaced hair products like Vitalis, Pomade and Brylcreem but the end result is the same. SJ Davidian is back to his clean-cut self, thanks to Allen.

Allen says he has no plans to retire. He's having too much fun. Besides, his clients won't let him leave.

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