Bulldog Stadium features fan safety plan

FRESNO, Calif.

Fans prefer to see spirited battles on the football field - not in the stands. But if one does spot trouble or a potential problem in the stadium a large sign instructs people to text "BAD DOG," the issue and location to 69050.

Fresno State associate athletic director Paul Ladwig said the program has become an industry standard.

"It's a way for the fans if there's something going on in your area, everybody has a mobile phone now," Ladwig said. "Now you can immediately text the area where you're in, what's going on. It goes back to a central command post. They assess what it is and send the people to that area."

With so many families and young fans at games it's important to keep everybody safe and secure. The whole idea behind Bad Dog texting is to enhance the fan experience at Bulldog Stadium. No one wants to see a football game ruined by a couple of unruly fans.

A bad game day experience can result in a fan not coming back. Bulldog supporter Joe Broussard believed the Bad Dog texting program was a good one.

"I think so and security can just come. You don't have to actually walk up the stairs. Some people get a little crazy. Maybe give them a little friendly warning. Let them know they're watching," Broussard said.

Bad Dog is simple and you can remain anonymous. Ladwig said, "Most people don't want to say anything so you have the ability to get out your mobile phone, text the number, text bad dog. It goes to the command post. "

No finger pointing is needed, just a text and security officers can then check on the situation.

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