City of Dos Palos works to fix water filtration system

FRESNO, Calif.

Dive teams spent several hours Friday morning trying to clean out the aqueduct. Some Dos Palos residents say after two weeks of not being able to drink water out of their taps, they are ready for the problem to be fixed.

Work was well underway at the water treatment facility in Dos Palos a company is now fixing the city's aging water system to try restores drinkable water. But after 13 days of boiling water - families are fed up.

"You can't even give them pets so we have to buy extra water because if we are going to get sick from it, there's a good chance they'll get sick from it," Ted Brady from Dos Palos said.

Brady said bills add up every time he buys bottled water and his lawn and garden are also taking a hit because of the city-wide call to conserve.

"If they don't get water within a day, day and a half they start wilting back," Brady said.

Since September 7 the city has turned off water several times. City leaders say that's because a high concentration of algae clogged up filters in the state's aqueduct system. On Friday divers spent hours trying to clean it up and a company is working on a temporary fix until they replace it.

'It has been an adjustment but we have been trying to help them with their worst times and provide them with water to try and ease the pain," Dos Palos Police Chief Barry Mann said.

For now restaurants around town aren't allowing anyone to use soda fountains or ice and people who live here say they are always worried their taps will run dry.

City leaders are asking people in town to be patient but if you have questions about your water problems you are asked to call city hall.

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