Storm knocks down power lines starting a fire near a Visalia home


"I heard a big weird pop, and first I looked out back and didn't see anything, but then I looked out front and all I saw was a lot of smoke over there, and I was just thinking wow, it's on fire," neighbor Michael Nguyen said.

Firefighters quickly responded and put out the fire. But the fire near the Visalia home wasn't the only call they had to deal with.

"Late in the evening we had calls related again to power lines that had been blown down by the wind, just weather related incidence, a few power outages in that one area but nothing too drastic," Charlie Norman with the Visalia Fire Department said.

Dozens of Visalia residents lost power, but electrical crews made quick repairs.

"It was specific to south central part of Visalia, Whitendale and Giddings, we had about 30 residences that were affected, some power liens, but no real interruptions it was up in about an hour or so," Norman said.

Neighbors say they are just glad no one was hurt, and hope they don't see any more winds like in Saturday's storm.

"It was really weird, because it's hot but now its blaring wind and stuff, it's really cold," Nguyen said.

The fire triggered by power lines that were knocked down caused an estimated $1,500 in damage.

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