Bulldog football fans expect dream season

FRESNO, Calif.

The buzz over the Bulldogs' victory Friday night hasn't died down. Fresno State head football Coach Tim DeRuyter said, "I can't remember a time other than being back in College Station where the crowd had that much of an effect at the end of a game with how loud they were when we were on defense."

Murphy the bulldog took a trip to the Bulldog Shop Monday because he needed something new to chew on. His owner David Vartanian expected Fresno State to run the table this year.

"If they make it to a BCS bowl I'm gonna buy every ticket I possibly can and get half my family there to wherever it is and hopefully bring this guy too. Hopefully he's half-price. Pretty big fan, I mean I grew up in the Valley, went to Fresno State, parents went to Fresno State," Vartanian said.

The school has started a Heisman trophy push for quarterback Derek Carr. The Dogs don't draw a great deal of national attention but fans feel Derek has a shot.

"I think right now if he stays on course with his touchdown percentages, throwing touchdown passes every game I think he should he should be a lock for the Heisman trophy. I hope he gets that respect," Steve Laird said.

The Bulldogs play their next two games on the road - at Hawaii and then at Idaho. Supporters say the wins and the T-shirt collection will continue to mount. Bulldog Shop store manager Diane Brock said, "People are just excited. They want to get on the bandwagon and they want to wear red to support their team."

Some fans off to the side are always quick to jump on the bandwagon but that's okay - there's room for everyone.

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