Fresno judge orders new condition in deadly DUI case

FRESNO, Calif.

Thirty-year-old Jayson Wright was killed in February as he walked home from a bar in Shaver Lake. Monday his widow said it was emotional being in the same room with the woman accused of killing Wright then driving off an embankment a short distance away.

Brown was given some strict guidelines to remain free on bond. But, she will be under close watch. A scram monitor will constantly keep track of any alcohol intake and she must attend three AA meetings a week.

The attorney representing Brown objected to the alcohol monitor. Outside court, she explained why.

"Just mainly the expense to the family, scram does cost on a daily basis. She has already posted bond. She has not been drinking. She received her AA six month chip. She has been going to AA on a regular basis," Pamela Elliott, Brown's Attorney said

Jean Wright is Jayson Wright's widow. She would prefer Brown was in jail. But, more than anything she believes Brown should take accountability for her choice that led to her husband's death.

"If she didn't have consequences for her actions, it wouldn't be good for her. She has to admit to what she did and understand that it's for her own good. So that she can never do that again," Wright said.

Jaysen Wright was a stay at home father of two. Jean says his absence has been especially tough for the couple's two young boys. The three have since moved out of their foothill home to Fresno, to be closer to family and attend court.

"I think that we're going to be ok. I got a hold of the victim advocates program and we put them in some counseling to see if that doesn't help," Jason Wright said.

According to an arrest warrant, Morgan Brown rolled her small SUV off an embankment on Highway 168. Evidence taken from the road and her car, tied her to the fatal crash. Her blood alcohol content four hours after the crash was .16.

Brown is facing four felony charges; the maximum sentence she can receive is four years in prison.

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