Small plane crashes near bank in Chicago suburb


Around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, the plane "crashed into a tree, light pole and then several vehicles" parked at the Chase Bank at Weber and Boughton, according to Bolingbrook Police Lt. Mike Rompa.

"It exploded right away," witness Cherise McGee said. "I couldn't see anything of the plane."

"The plane is heavily damaged, almost unrecognizable," Lt. Rompa said.

Two people were injured, Lt. Rompa said. The victims are believed to be the pilot and a passenger on the plane, both of whom suffered burns. Emergency personnel are looking for additional victims inside cars as a precautionary measure, but officials do not have any reason to believe anyone in the parking lot was injured.

"I actually saw the pilot come out of the plane, he was on fire," McGee said. "People were running with blankets for him. It was horrible."

"It was hard to tell if anyone was in the cars, because the fire was that massive," witness Seneca Jamison said. Jamison said the police officers got there and stopped traffic "as soon as possible. The fire and ambulances came right after."

"As soon as it crashed, it was just a pile of flames," Jamison said.

George Mallek, who was at the Chase Bank at the time of the crash, said he saw the plane touch down, and come up almost immediately at nearby Clow International Airport before it banked left into the parking lot. The FAA has been notified, but has not released any details.

The FAA says five minor crashes have occurred at or near Clow airport since 1983, none fatal.

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