Fatal hit-and-run crash involving children in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers are looking for Maurice Fields, 19, but they say it's way too early to call him a suspect.

Witnesses couldn't believe anyone would first crash his car and kill a person, drive away, and then crash again, and leave behind a wounded little boy.

Emergency crews used the Jaws of Life to cut open the car and remove the 9-year-old boy on Wednesday evening. Police believe that boy and another 7-year-old child were in the car when the driver crashed into a pedestrian and killed him. The impact threw the man into a backyard where he died. But the suspect didn't stop there, only a few feet away he crashed into a power pole, and left a nine-year-old boy seriously hurt.

Several witnesses saw the driver carry the 7-year-old out of the car and ask people to help him get away, before he escaped the scene.

"I think it's horrible. If you do a crime you have to pay the time, or explain yourself," said Tracy Gatti, witness.

"It's sad because I have kids myself. So it's sad especially to leave a child there," said Lt. Jose Garza.

Police have the 7-year-old boy who left the scene with the suspect. He had a head injury, but the 9-year-old boy did have severe injuries to his leg.

If you have any information on this you're asked to call police.

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