Casting call held at Rawhide Stadium

October 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
Production company Blare Media is looking for actors and extras to play roles in a baseball-themed film. They're shooting "FAN27" on Sunday, October 13 in the Visalia Rawhide Baseball stadium. They're looking for actors to play baseball players. Also, they're looking for fans to fill the stands of the park.

The casting call runs from 4-7pm on Friday October 4. People who want to be a part of filming but can't audition on Friday should email the movie's Production producer at

Key casting roles needed

Key Extras Roles:

MORITZ; skinny pitcher
LINDHOLM; power hitter, big guy (1st Baseman)
GOMEZ; (Gomesy) (Short Stop)

Baseball Extras:

2nd Baseman

3rd Baseman





1st Base coach

3rd Base coach

Bat Boys

Pitcher 1

Pitcher 2

Pitcher 3

10-15 Home Team Players minimum for the dug out shots and pitching bullpen.

Attractive Blonde

3 Away Teams

Rawhide Fans