Fresno substitute teacher accused of touching himself in class

FRESNO, Calif.

Many parents did not send their children to school Friday. Parents said that five or six students went to the principal at Saroyan Elementary after the substitute--a man they had never seen before--was acting strangely in class on Thursday.

One student said he kept closing the blinds and would not get up from his desk. The students also said the substitute teacher was touching himself behind the desk, and in front of the classroom.

The district pulled the teacher from class following the allegation of inappropriate behavior. District leaders said they responded immediately and that there is an active investigation, one that also involves Fresno Police.

District leaders say it is a personnel matter, which means they are not releasing any other details about the teacher or his history with the school. But parents say that is not good enough.

"This is where parents are supposed to be taken care and making sure our kids is safe, if you can't trust the teacher whose sitting there teaching then what does that say about our system," CUSD student's grandmother Carla Flores said.

The district also says every employee goes through extensive background checks. Fresno Police Department Sexual Assault Unit is investigating the allegations.

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