New radiation technology at Children's Hospital Central California


The new CT scanner at Children's Hospital Central California has a unique hidden feature. "What it allows you to do is use less radiation and get more information out of the picture that you used to get," Dr. Edward Nagel from Children's Hospital Central California said.

Dr. Nagel cares for kids at Children's Hospital Central California. He says the 64-splice CT scanner technology is helping him evaluate his patients in a safer way.

"Patients who have scans over their lifetime, who repeatedly come back, say cancer patients or others who have chronic inflammatory conditions things like that, when they are getting scanned continually over time that 20-40 dose reduction makes a big difference," Dr. Nagel said.

The advanced technology gives the same clear pictures, but also makes sure the patients are getting the right amount of radiation.

"The technology and the program make it so the operator behind the machine doesn't have to worry about the size of the patient. So if we have an infant come in, the machine will diagnose the dose by their size," Dr. Nagel said.

He also said the technology is helping him get to the root of the problem, while easing the concerns of parents and the smallest patients. The imaging department has two CT machines equipped with the technology. In its time, it's been used by many young patients.

The technology was funded by the hospital's foundation.

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