Braeden Anderson is on the road to recovery

FRESNO, Calif.

Four cars were involved in the September third crash. Norman Jones lost his life that night.

Braeden Anderson loves being right here. Playing Forward with the Bulldogs and spending time with the guys on the court. But on September 3rd, he almost lost all of it.

"They know how huge this year would have been for me," said Anderson. "It was devastating. It was devastating."

That night he was a passenger in a Dodge truck with walk-on Kyle Jackson when they tried to avoid a major multi-car crash near Friant and Millerton.

"Mayhem was just unfolding in front of my eyes," said Anderson. "There was nothing to do. I have never felt so helpless. I was just sitting there hoping, saying a little prayer in my head."

The impact launched him upwards and he smashed his neck on the top of the truck. Immediately he knew something was horribly wrong.

"I broke my neck," said Anderson. "It is as severe of a neck injury you can get. I was really terrified, I as really scared. Basketball means a lot to me. Have built my whole life around that and my education."

Over the next several days Braeden Anderson did what's typically, Braeden. He planned, he prepared, and he didn't give up.

Now more than three weeks after the accident he's surprising his doctors and even his own mom with his recovery.

"He's got such discipline," said Lori Anderson. "He makes me want to be better."

For now he's focusing on getting better. He can't lift his arms much higher than his shoulders. But spend a little time with Braeden Anderson, and you'll know, never count him out.

"When you commit yourself to being successful," said Anderson. "You don't have any other choice."

Anderson still has a long way to go, but his mantra is work will win. And that's just really at the core of who the guy is. He's a pre-law major and wants to eventually practice corporate law.

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