Tearful testimony in Fresno from parents of accused shooter

FRESNO, Calif.

25-year-old Lisa Alarcon faces life in prison if she's convicted of shooting her parents.

"I saw smoke in the air," said her mother. "I smelled it. The glass broke."

In the middle of the night, bullets pierced the bedroom window of a home last August. It was a rude awakening for the couple inside, and their first thoughts were to escape the gunfire.

"Why did you go to the floor?" asked prosecutor Brian Hutchins.

"For safety," the mother replied. "I told my husband to get down, to drop to the floor too. He couldn't move."

As the victim cried, retelling her story in court, Lisa Alarcon wiped tears from her own eyes. The couple she's accused of shooting are her parents.

A neighbor said he saw Alarcon pull the trigger. We're not allowed to show her face in court and we're not naming or showing her parents because of safety concerns.

Police arrested Alarcon after a standoff five days after the shooting. Her parents say she hadn't visited or called them in the hospital. And although they were in disbelief when the neighbor told them what he saw, they came to believe he was right. But Alarcon's attorney says the neighbor is unreliable, and the parents are mistaken.

"All you have are suspicions as to who could be the shooter, is that correct?" defense attorney Scott Baly asked Alarcon's father.

"Yeah," the father responded. "We didn't see it. We didn't see anybody. I mean, we were asleep."

Painful injuries and courtroom drama are now reminders of the nightmare that woke them.

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