Clovis Avenue closed after construction worker killed

CLOVIS, Calif.

Justin Desatoff, 31, is accused of driving under the influence and causing the death of 18-year-old Lismar Montenegro.

Lismar Montenegro just graduated from high school. The Fontana resident had spent all summer trying to break into the construction industry. He wanted to be an electrician and couldn't be happier to be on the job and learning the trade.

Jesus Marquez tells Action News that Lismar was more than a neighbor, he was family. "His mom is torn apart she can't stop crying she says I want to die and go with him."

Lismar's Fontana family members were notified by Sheriff's deputies overnight. After Clovis police responded to Clovis and Fifth. They tried to pull over the driver of a pickup truck and the driver instead plowed through the construction zone killing Lismar and slamming into an onsite rig.

Calli Biaggi, a management analyst for the city of Clovis said, "The officer was doing a traffic stop, unknown what the traffic violation was, the person accelerated before we could get him to stop."

Police arrested Justin Desatoff at the scene according to his Facebook page he's an operating engineer. He's been charged with felony DUI.

Jesus Marquez said, "I hope he realizes what he did to a young kid, and now the family is suffering for it."

Marquez says the teen's family will soon be headed to the Valley to talk to investigators and bring Lismar Montenegro home, a teen they describe as a hardworking, good kid who had just started living life.

Clovis police say the district attorney's office will decide whether to pursue charges of vehicular manslaughter. Which means right now the suspect is only being held on charges of driving under the influence.

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