Annual event gives Valley students up close look at the Civil War

FRESNO, Calif.

"They're here for a whole day of outdoor classrooms with historical figure and artisans and societies. So it's a really fun event with the students," Cindy Wathen with the Fresno Historical Society said.

Two thousand students and educators went back in time, visiting outdoor classrooms, where reenactors showcased 19th-century life. Educators say it was time well spent outside of the classroom.

"They make a connection to the literature we've read, the stories we've read, the movies we've watched and they get a real feel for what life was like 150 years ago and being west coast kids, this is a real treat for them to see what happened on the east coast," Kings River Union School teacher Joel Ellberg said.

Seeing and meeting president Abraham Lincoln is among one of the favorite events for many history enthusiasts.

"It's an opportunity to educate and teach these young people, let them see really who this great man really was," Lincoln reeneactor William Truman Peck said.

After nearly two decades of performing as Lincoln, William Peck is retiring and it will be his last year at the Civil War revisited.

"I said it's the same thing with me, it's a way for you to see some of your history of this country and that's our country, that's where we live and that's what we love," Peck said.

Local history and agriculture will be part of the event with Ag heritage day. Civil War Revisited runs this weekend at Kearney Park.

This year also marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of the Gettysburg.

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