Ex-Clovis cop slapped with higher bail amount

FRESNO, Calif.

At first /*Kyle Pennington*/ shied away from our cameras when he walked out of a courtroom. Moments later, we asked him to comment about his arrest. Pennington replied, "Absolutely not. There's not other news going on?"

Sanger police arrested Pennington on September 18th. Officers say he violated a restraining order in a big way by living with the alleged victim. On Wednesday afternoon prosecutors argued Pennington should post a higher bail because he's still a threat to the woman.

Sanger police went to the home for a welfare check last month. There they say they found an injury to the victim's eyebrow and bruises on her arm. But Pennington's defense team says she got the wounds after a curtain rod fell on her and they have the photos to prove it. His attorney told us, they are no longer living together. "They know they are not supposed to have contact and I continue to insist it is incredibly stupid to do something like this under the circumstances," said Marshall Hodgkins.

The judge upped Pennington's bail by 30 thousand dollars. His defense says it should never have been increased because no additional charges were filed. "He came to court understanding there was a possibility he is going to custody, he's not going to custody and he will post the bail," added Hodgkins.

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