Thieves steal nearly $7K in Reedley girls' softball uniforms


It happened sometime Sunday night at a storage facility on Dinuba and 1st Streets.

Police are now sorting through surveillance video to determine who is behind the burglary, but tell action news the thieves cut the lock to gain access to the unit and it appears to be an isolated incident.

Reedley Amateur Softball Association President Isaac Almanzar doesn't understand why burglars would break into his league's storage facility and steal nearly $7,000 worth of girls uniforms.

"We had three clear plastic bins, two had uniform jerseys, one was full of uniform pants, basically the jerseys for 10 different teams... all modified and customized for our league," said Almanzar.

The bins were surrounded by plenty of other expensive items such as a P.A. system, bats and balls, but one other irreplaceable item turned up missing.

"We also had our bins that contained our team binders with all the players' information, said Almanzar.

Information such as birth certificates, addresses and league documents. Police believe the theft happened Sunday night, but right now don't have any leads.

"It is very unfortunate because these kids are innocent and for someone to use this information for illegal purposes it's just wrong and it could have an impact on their future," said Reedley Police Chief Joe Garza.

The theft is also devastating to the little girls who were looking forward to choosing what jersey number they'd wear in the organization's sixth season in the city.

"I was mad someone would take our jerseys because why would they need our jerseys?" asked 12 year old Kyndall Murray.

Her teammates also couldn't comprehend why anyone would target their equipment.

"They shouldn't have taken them because they had no idea how important they meant to us," said Angelina Garcia. "When we won the championship we had our fun and our pride in those jerseys and now it's all gone so we have to restart."

The girls are hoping the thieves will step up to the plate and return the stolen items before the season begins in March.

"If we can get them back, not questions asked that's fine. Bring them back, throw them over the fence and I'm sure they'll call me in the morning and say your uniforms showed up," said Almanzar.

Almanzar said he didn't have insurance on the ASA Uniforms, therefore the girls will have to rely on fundraising and donations to purchase new jerseys for the upcoming season.

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