Caruthers home invasion suspect in custody, police search for two more

FRESNO, Calif.

Monday morning sheriff's deputies say a trio of thieves broke into her trailer and held her at gunpoint before taking everything she had that was valuable.

"The gunman turned around and grabbed me by the back of my throat and threw me in my trailer and pushed me down on the ground and there was a lady that held me down on the ground and another lady was robbing me," the home invasion suspect said.

Friday morning investigators got a break in the case when a deputy, driving behind an unusual car, ran the plate that confirmed it was wanted in connection with the home invasion.

"The suspect vehicle was not a very popular brand of vehicle, it was a Pontiac Montana with Texas plates and it had a very strange color combination burgundy and gold," Fresno County Sheriff's Office Sgt. John Souza said.

For several minutes deputies say the suspects ransacked the victim's home, taking a computer, cell phones, cash and a debit card. The victim says she was most afraid when the male suspect threatened her 13-year-old son.

"My son started screaming don't kill my mom, don't kill my mom and kinda jumped on the dude and the guy turned around and put the gun in his face," the home invasion suspect said.

The frightened victim says one of the suspects tried to hide her face by putting pantyhose over it. But, that wasn't a good disguise because she could recognize her. She also says the gunman whispered his demands to her during the entire robbery.

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