Dinuba golfing community restarts home construction

DINUBA, Calif.

The City of Dinuba built the Ridge Creek Golf Course back in 2006. The popular golf course is making money for the city but it's been missing major component, housing.

"Seven years ago when we built the golf course we were hoping to develop the housing then but that's right when the economy took it's downturn and so we've been waiting and showing the property to people," Deputy City Manager Of Dinuba Beth Nunes said.

The seven years of waiting paid off. The city has partnered with Visalia architect Stan Canby, a local realtor and marketing team to bring a gated community with 55 homes that will sit right along Ridge Creek Golf Course.

"Those will be prime real estate homes with the most exclusive views and as you can see with the golf club behind me it is a beautiful view that they're going to have," Nancy Lockwood from The Lockwood Agency said.

They will also get a free one-year membership to the golf club. Plus, another 115 semi-custom homes will be available in the upper 200,000 to 400,000 on another plot near the golf course.

"A lot of it was waiting for the timing and economy to be right and Dinuba has done a lot of things right in developing this town and they've brought in a lot of really important employers and those management teams need this kind of home and Dinuba wants to keep them here," Lockwood said

The development will also be a major boost for the City of Dinuba which will not only garner up to $5 in building permits and other fees but reap some major sales tax revenue.

"We have local furniture stores and design centers this will only help them it's going to be a boom all the way around between jobs, sales tax housing," Nunes said.

The plans also include room for a boutique hotel and recreation center. The new homes will be under construction within the next year.

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