Confrontation between two groups leads to shots fired at Fresno City College

FRESNO, Calif.

Shell casings were scattered on the ground where the shots were fired. Student Vicente Chavez says two men being shot at ran right by him.

"I was coming from the building to my car and I was coming this way I saw the two African males they were running around the corner and that's when I heard the gunshots I mean right when I heard I knew they were gunshots so I ran into the building," Chavez said. "And two females walking behind me they also ran into the building. "

Another student who didn't want to be identified said the men ran by him and were followed by bullets.

"I heard like firecracker just pop pop pop pop pop I was in the parking lot right here and I could just hear whistles going by me, just soop soop soop going right by me. And I saw two black guys going this way, just booking it," the Fresno City College student said.

The bullets went through a fence and shattered windows on a campus greenhouse. Another bullet smashed the window of a parked car. Campus Police and Fresno Police were on the scene quickly. Campus Police Chief Bruce Hartman said the incident was over in a matter of minutes and there was no need to lockdown the campus.

"Immediately when it came out I was over here in another car, it was immediately reported by everybody that anybody involved was headed Southbound off the property completely," Hartman said

However, with the gunman on the loose a nearby elementary school and Fresno High School were placed on lockdown. Fresno Police swarmed the neighborhood and detained three men in separate locations. All men were questioned and released.

The incident has students like Krissy Ogle concerned. "It's pretty scary to think this could happen at school when you are just innocently sitting in a parking lot. "

The car that was hit belongs to Tyler Heywood. He and his wife were in class when campus police told them what happened. Heywood said it's not something he ever expected.

"Not really, not at all, but we do live in Fresno so kind of a hazard in the place you live in," Heywood said.

Police are still looking for the suspects. While no one on campus was hurt there are concerns that students and faculty weren't notified quickly enough. The campus does have a cell phone alert system, but as the chief said, the incident happened quickly and those responsible ran off campus.

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