South Valley mother missing, husband 'person of interest'

DELANO, Calif.

Investigators say the family tipped them off to what may be blood in Julio Lango's SUV. A restraining order is in place keeping Julio away from his wife, Erika. Fliers are being posted all over the south valley city of Delano. The 26-year-old mother of four, Erika Lango, has not been seen or heard from since the middle of last week.

"It's very frustrating," said Lorena Contreras, Erika's aunt. "It's very nerve wracking. We just want to know where she's at, is she safe, however the case."

Delano police detectives say Lango could be anywhere. They say she was last spotted, by her husband Julio, leaving their apartment around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

"I don't think she ever did intend to walk to somebody's house because that was not like her to walk at that late at night," Contreras said. "Especially in the area where she lived at, it was not very safe."

Police say Erika's family reported finding a baseball bat, blood and Erika's sweater in Julio's SUV. Court records show Julio was recently charged with spouse abuse and assault.

Police say he was arrested Thursday for violating a restraining order – keeping him from his wife. The couple has four kids ranging in ages from 9-months to 6 years old.

"For us, I know I love her, that's my niece," said Maria Guerrero. "Her kids, that's their mom. They miss her, I think so they need their mom."

The family members did not want to give specifics on Erika and Julio's domestic violence issues. They say that's for police to sort out. Investigators are not confirming whether blood was actually found in the SUV. They say the crime lab is processing everything found inside – that could take up to a month to determine.

And they say even though Julio is a person of interest that does not rule out the possibility that someone else could have played a role is Erika's disappearance.

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