Neighbors rush to help crossing guard hit by car in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Tuesday morning the intersection near Slater Elementary turned from a safe zone to a crash zone after a crossing guard was struck by a car.

"I heard a hard thud and I told my husband I heard something I'm going to go outside and check and I saw him laying right there on the grass," neighbor Elvera Ramos said.

The crash happened around 7:30 a.m. and was heard by several others. Fresno police say the driver did not see the guard and hit him at an unknown speed, sending him 50 feet in the air. Eddie, as neighbors call him, had been at the school for three years and was a constant figure and friend.

"That's why it hit. When I seen him I cried. I ran this way and say oh my god they hit him dad, call 911 and sure enough, man it's a really scary thing," neighbor Angelica Nustamantes said.

Students and a staff member were nearby when it happened.

"We have three psychologists here to help students who are struggling with what happened this morning. It did happen as kids were arriving to school," Slater Elementary School Principal Wendy Olono said.

Neighbors said they often have concerns about speeding and traffic in the area, but this crash hit too close to home.

"Anywhere around a school, just pay extra attention. This time it was an adult who was struck but it could a child at any point," Sgt. Anthony Dewall with the Fresno Police Department said.

Neighbors voiced their thoughts on the man who has helped so many.

"I pray he'll do better. That he'll be okay. And he was very conscientiousness about his job. He did it well," neighbor Marjorie Powell said.

Neighbors hope this incident will have drivers will thinking twice when commuting through the intersection. Fresno police say the driver of the car is not facing any charges. He remained on scene until police released him from the crash.

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