Thieves steal nearly $10K of denim from Bling Queen Boutique

FRESNO, Calif.

It's the second burglary to occur there in less than a year and employees said this time the bandits were after the same expensive merchandise as the last ones.

"They came straight in the store, went to the tables, took what they needed and left," said store employee Erica Hunter.

The /*Bling Queen Boutique*/ in Downtown Kingsburg is packed with some of the trendiest clothing lines on the market. Miss Me jeans and Rock Revival denim sell for anywhere from $99 to $159 and customers come from all over Central California to find the perfect pair.

"We get people from all over the place. As far away as Bakersfield to and I've even met a few people from Sacramento so we cover all of the Valley," said Hunter.

The denim is in such high demand 85 pants were stolen from the store Tuesday night. Surveillance cameras spotted a man testing the security system before the break-in. After a few attempts at prying open the window of the door, he came back with a car and a co-conspirator and the two busted through the front glass.

"They had their collars up, their hats pulled down," said Hunter. "They came in with a purpose. If you watch the video they went straight from the front door back to the table where the jeans were so obviously with the store, they knew exactly where they were, they knew what they wanted and that's all that they took."

Employees say the store was equipped with an alarm system, but it failed to go off.

"Our store just sat like that with the broken window, wide open to anybody and everybody for about seven hours until one of our other associates came in the next morning to prepare it for opening."

Back in January, it was hit by another couple who made off with 20 pairs of jeans when a clerk stepped away in the back of the store.

The owners are now asking the city to install security cameras along the street in the middle of town in hopes of catching a license plate number and car description, if a crime happens again. So far the mayor is open to the idea.

"I think we're committed to anything that's going to improve security and if that includes looking at surveillance cameras we'll certainly do that and take that under consideration," said Mayor Chet Reilly.

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