Dog's eye beaten out during Fresno burglary

FRESNO, Calif.

Flash is an 8-year-old German shepherd who calls Sparky Electronics home. She is more of a beloved pet than a perceived guard dog.

"She'll greet people very docile friendly, German shepherd, friendly, we just love her," Ann Rodriguez, a long-time employee Sparky Electronics said.

Rodriguez believes the burglars were caught off guard. She thinks they did not expect to find the dog and might have thought Flash was going to attack them. So they used some sort of weapon and beat her so severely that she lost an eye.

"To hit a dog that many times and cause that much damage is a little more than a reaction," Rodriguez said.

The thieves took off with a bunch of boxes which they likely thought contained CB radios and scanners. Ironically most of the boxes were empty. All the thieves got was a piece of the heartbeat of Sparky Electronics.

"They came in to steal and what they stole was not even comparable to the damage they caused- emotional as well as physical, incomprehensible to me".

Fresno Police are investigating. Employees discovered the break-in and found Flash in a pool of blood the next day. So the only real witness to the crime is Flash, who may now be physically hurt; but thieves could never steal her spirit.

The owners said after three break-ins in seven years they are now considering getting an extremely advanced security system.

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