Former FCC professor Brian Calhoun found guilty of misdemeanor battery

FRESNO, Calif.

It took just about an hour of deliberating for a jury to find /*Brian Calhoun*/ guilty of battery against a student.

Jurors listened to closing arguments from both sides about the definition of battery. To be convicted of this charge, jurors had to decide that the way he touched the female student was harmful or offensive and he acted in a rude or angry manner. The prosecutor told jurors no matter how provoked Calhoun may have been when the student got mouthy and even blurted out a cuss word, that is not a defense.

But, Calhouns attorney said his client never intended to hurt the student, Kevynn Gomez and was just trying to contain her to get her name. In court, Calhoun testified he wanted to find out her identity to report her for violating the student ethics code.

After the verdict, the defendant's lawyer, Roger Nuttall said Calhoun is upset by this decision.

"I'm sure he's disappointed because he doesn't believe he should have been convicted of a crime," said Nuttall. "And I think he should be disappointed because he is not a criminal. He doesn't believe he committed this crime nor do I."

Calhoun says he has taken responsibility for his actions that day and was only trying to establish order during chaos.

Calhoun could face up to six months in jail and a fine, but his attorney says he is expecting he will receive probation. He will be sentenced next month.

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