'Dogs Receiving Corps Unselfish At Diva Position

FRESNO, Calif.

Number four is number one in practically every statistical category in the Mountain West.

Offensive Coordinator Dave Schramm tells ABC30 why Fresno State is scoring points seemingly at will.

"Being in the second year, knowing and understanding what our tempo means to the offense. How it can help us. And when we're running down the field and running back and the guys on the other side of the ball aren't used to that type of tempo, you know it helps us in what we're trying to do." said Schramm.

Davante Adams leads the league in receiving yards and scoring with 11 TD's. He's been the hot hand as of late. But Josh Harper has had his big moments with 7 touchdowns this year. Slot Receiver Isaiah Burse is dynamic in the return game. They know each time out they have the ability to catch 8 balls or even none. And that's just fine with them.

"We all complement each other, so it doesn't matter where the ball's going to go to one or the other. You know, we don't really care about who gets the ball, as long as it gets in the end zone." said Redshirt Sophomore Davante Adams.

"You can have a monster game on game and then you know they'll game plan you the next game. But we've got so many receivers that you have a monster game and then the next game when they game plan you, they bracket you, double you. The other receivers just step up. Harp, Davante step up. They have a monster game. So it's like, it's fine. You know don't get mad at it. It's actually kind of a compliment." added Senior Isaiah Burse.

A compliment to these receivers and tight ends. But a nightmare for opposing defenses.

ABC30 asked, "And with DC slinging it around, how good can this offense continue to be?"

Josh Harper replied, "The skies the limit. We've just got to keep working. We can never be content with ourselves. We've just got to keep working everyday at practice."

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