FBI says Senator Ronald Calderon took bribes from undercover agents

FRESNO, California

Claims of bribery, corruption, and deceit are all listed in 125 page affidavit leaked to Al Jazeera America. The center of it all, Southern California State Senator Ron Calderon (D).

The federal paperwork served as the request for this rare upheaval in Sacramento this summer. FBI agents raided Calderon's offices, at the time saying nothing about what they were tracking down. But the FBI Says Senator Calderon clearly took bribes in exchange for using his power on the California Film Commission.

Tony Capozzi said, "Obviously these undercover agents were very good because the legislators and the people working with him fell for it hook, line and sinker."

ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi also read through the affidavit. He says this investigation is major. And based on the recorded phone calls, documented emails and other conversations, indictments and arrests are likely soon to follow.

Capozzi explained, "They had undercover agents, FBI agents, who were recording the conversations with the Calderons here, talking about bribes, talking about the amounts of money."

Amounts of money totaling around $60 thousand. Some of that going to cover the Calderon children's college tuition. The investigation began in 2008, but took years to develop. Agents the FBI says met repeatedly with Calderon in the Los Angeles area to discuss the illegal agreements.

"It's just brazen. Perhaps what they may have thought in this case was since a lot of the conversations took place in Los Angeles, it's away from the capitol and they may be able to get away with this."

Many details of the investigation still remain unknown.

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