Operation Boo keeps tabs on known predators on Halloween

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News cameras caught officers handcuffing Felipe Arellano. They say the 31 year-old convicted rapist cut off his own ankle monitor on Thursday and dipped off the radar from his parole agent. Agent Ernie Muro with the state's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation told us, this is the second time he's done so, just this week. "We found him at the right moment because he was driving away. He indicated he was going to Selma," added Muro.

Those GPS ankle monitors give law enforcement a clear picture on the movements of criminals convicted of rape, sexual battery and indecent exposure. But on Halloween, agents say checking up on known child molesters is their highest priority. "You have some of the ones who are legitimate pedophiles who will have a lot of time to think out plans and how they can seek out victims and manipulate the system," said Muro.

Any person found guilty of molesting children is required to stay indoors with their lights out. They're not allowed to decorate their homes or answer the door for any kids.

During the sweep the majority of people complied. We spoke with a man who was convicted of child molestation and wanted to remain anonymous. He said, "She was 14 and a half and I was twenty. That was quite a long time ago."

The man told us he lays low every Halloween. He hopes if he keeps following the rules someday he'll get off parole. He added, "It's the law, the law is the law and they have to follow it like we do."

According to the Department of Corrections there are more than 90,000 sex offenders in California.

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