Authorities look for 3 missing Madera children

FRESNO, Calif.

The children were last seen in Madera Thursday but investigators do not know if she's still in the area or has left town. Six-year-old Jessica, Ten-year-old Teresa and Nine-year-old Alfredo were last seen outside the cafeteria Thursday wearing a power ranges costume, a raiders jersey and a princess outfit.

The Madera Unified Superintendent, Edward Gonzalez, says a staff member saw them line up for the after school program, but they never went in with everyone else.

Apparently the oldest of the three, a fifth grader seems to have gone to the line they were waiting in to get into the pogrom and pulled the children out of the line and said they were leaving," Edward Gonzalez

Madera police detectives interviewed staff members Friday. Students were not on campus because it's an in-service day. Investigators believe the children may be in danger and in the care of their mothers who they are not supposed to be with.

"So far we believe based on our investigation that the three children have been taken by their biological mother Thea Deanda Sanchez, who lost custody of them to CPS," Madera Police Detective Shant Sheklanian.

Police say the mother is only allowed one hour supervised visits per week. Since police are not positive the children have been abducted by their mother, it does not meet the criteria required to issue an amber alert.

Officers spent Friday visiting homes where the mother has ties to, but so far, no sign of her or any of the kids.

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