New braided ramps section opens in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

"I might try it. I didn't know it was open. As long as the signs are good for 41 South, I won't go off in the wrong direction," Cathy Kimmel from Clovis said. The change takes drivers on 168 and gives them two options. Drivers have an option to take the 168 to the 180 Westbound or the 41 South.

"From 168 Westbound you can now stay in this new ramp and go directly to 41 North without getting on 180 at all," Caltrans Project Manager Neil Bretz said.

Those on the 180 also noticed a connector bridge to the 41 North. The California highway patrol says even with the changes, no crashes were reported.

"So far everything has been pretty smooth, were very with the response the public has given us," Bretz said.

The traffic flow is expected to stay the same for the next month. Caltrans officials say drivers can expect another change starting the next month on Eastbound Highway 180. That change to the freeway should be in place after Thanksgiving.

The $49-million state funded project was started last year and is expected to finish in the spring of 2014.

Construction workers plan to make several more switches before their work is complete. Until then, either avoid to area, or just make sure you slow down.

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