Police: Fresno's number two car thief is back in jail, won't get out early

FRESNO, Calif.

Nathaniel Reyes has been arrested many times before. But the Fresno police chief says today was the last time he will be handcuffed for a while. Because he will fill bed number one.

Action News Reporter: You are a bed holder now, you are going to be there for a while, how do you feel?

Reyes: I don't think so.

Nathaniel Reyes is convinced his arrest Monday will end up the way it has before, out of jail in a few hours.

Reyes is known as "Jammer" on the streets because he is often wanted, but manages to get away. He is one of the hardest to catch, according to police.

"Every time that he is in a stolen car or he is out and about and we try to make contact with him, he runs and resists arrest on a regular basis, and he got a street name for doing so," Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department said.

Police tracked Reyes down at a house in Northwest Fresno. It was the same house officers found a stolen car in the backyard last week. Only Reyes wasn't around.

Officers have been searching for Reyes for a good reason, investigators say locking him up will mean five to eight fewer cars stolen a night. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer described the most recent auto theft numbers, that until a few weeks ago were continuing to go up.

The chief hopes car thieves start balancing their options when they consider stealing a car.

"Whether it's identity theft or car theft, they will see what the risk is of being caught, what the risk is of being incarcerated and weigh that against what profits they are going to make by whatever crime they are involved in," Chief Dyer said.

Reyes will fill the first of five beds the Fresno Police Department has funded and been guaranteed at the Fresno County Jail. So, unless he bails out of jail, he will be staying. His friends gave him $20 to put on his jail account as he was taken away.

Reyes has been arrested in the past on other charges as including burglary and narcotics. Monday he admitted to officers he was using meth earlier in the day.

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