Words of wisdom at Fowler High School

FOWLER, Calif.

Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro kicked off the annual Career Day at Fowler High School, encouraging students to pursue higher education.

"I think it's important for them to know that the sky is the limit," said Dr. Castro. "That they can do whatever they want with their lives, that, that's in their hands. They have a bright future."

Students listened intently, as Dr. Castro explained his journey from Hanford High graduate to the first Latino and Valley native to become president of Fresno State. His story of being the first in his family to get a college degree hit home for many students.

"That was pretty cool because we kind of have the same story," said Nathaniel Sepeda. "Nobody went to college on my family either, so if I went to college that would be pretty cool."

Students got the chance to hear from a wide variety of veterinarians, physicians assistants and other Valley professionals. ABC30 was on hand to give them an inside look at the broadcast journalism field.

"I like it," said Raman Dhaliwal. "You get to see all the different career option and you actually have people talking to you. Some of these people went to fowler, so it gives you a better opportunity to see like people from fowler made it this far in life."

Proud Fowler alum and Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer was one of those who encouraged young minds.

Chief Dyer explained, "I think it's important for these kids to realize that even though they come from a small town, they can still become very successful in whatever arena that they choose."

The seniors say the time the professionals spent with them, just made them more anxious to find a passion and pursue it.

Raman Dhaliwal added, "There's much out there in the world and it's just waiting for us."

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