Avenal's Ramirez Headlines sold out fight for Water

FRESNO, Calif.

Saturday's event at West Hills College is called The Fight for Water. Ramirez and his management team held a press conference at Tachi Palace where the Olympian turned pro is enjoying the fruits of his labor and super stardom.

We know he's connected with Pistachios but Thursday he also unveiled a deal with Discover for pre-paid debit cards that launch the day of his fight. But that's all the stuff outside the ring. Inside he's a perfect 6-0 and lethal between the ropes.

Action News asked Jose how he deals with all the outside noise as he prepares to headline one of the biggest boxing events the valley has ever hosted.

"Before a fight I'm always very focused on what I've got to do. I've still got to go in the ring and there's still going to be someone in front of me who wants to win. So my main focus is will be the fight and right before the fight you know? People ask me if I have any pressure. I tell them no, this is all something that motivates me. You know all those people who believe in me, just makes it easier for me to believe in myself. That's my dream, this is my house and I have a lot of confidence in faith in me to go in there and succeed." said Ramirez.

Saturday's event at the Golden Eagle Arena at West Hills College is Sold Out.

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