Fresno State president announces possible return of wrestling

FRESNO, Calif.

Castro explained, "We are getting a tremendous amount of attention positive attention about the university and it enables us to tell our story about all the great things happening at Fresno State and the Valley."

He credits the success of the football team for boosting the schools profile and announced a complete review of all the athletics programs.

"As part of that review I will explore the re-establishment of the men's wrestling team," said Castro.

The wrestling program was ended seven years ago as a cost cutting move. Word it could be revived was welcome news to retired former Coach Dennis Deliddo. He coached the wrestling team for 24 years, and he's been fighting to bring the sport back. He's been talking to Castro since he took office and is thrilled to know the new president is listening.

Deliddo explained, "Just like I told him last night, it's a breath of fresh air talking to him, its so wonderful talking to the guy, he's receptive very receptive, I didn't expect this announcement this morning."

But there is a catch, Castro says wrestling supporters will have to step up.

"Doing so will require a significant investment of private funding by those in the community who want to see this become a reality," said Castro.

Deliddo is confident Castro can be convinced the support is there.

"I don't know what the expression is but we are going to offer him a deal he can't refuse, we hope," said Deliddo.

Athletics was just part of Castro's announcement. He says the University is looking at providing tablet computers to some students next year, in a move away from textbooks. He also announced the school has hired fifty new instructors this year, and hopes to add fifty more next year. Fresno State is enhancing its agriculture programs and getting input for Valley agricultural leaders.

He noted enrollment applications are up twenty per cent over last year, and he's hoping the state will provide enough funding to allow the school to admit eight hundred additional students next year.

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