Porterville couple describes their LAX shooting experience


Dustin and Tracy Della were excited as they arrived at LAX so they could take off on their honeymoon. The newly-married couple was running late and was worried about missing their flight, when they got to the airport at around 9:15 a.m. Friday.

"I believe they say this all transpired at 9:20 so it's kind of like, wow, if we were on time we would have been in that check point or if we had been 10 minutes earlier you know what could have happened," Tracy Della from Porterville said.

As a shuttle dropped the couple off, they noticed an eerily vacant terminal three.

"It was kind of weird. You walk into the airport and you see bags just sitting there, with no one, I mean no one in the airport, purses on the floor," Dustin Della from Porterville said.

In the distance Tray saw a TSA agent hunched over and fear started to set in.

"He would get up to take a step, but then hunched back over. And then it looked like what I think was the SWAT team came in one of them asked if he was okay. And he just waved go upstairs because i think that's where he was at that point," said Tracy Della.

The shooter was still firing his gun when the Della's arrived at LAX. A TSA agent died, and several others wounded that morning. After waiting at the airport for nearly eight hours, the couple was finally released were able to continue on with their honeymoon to Cancun by driving down to San Diego, walking across the border and catching a flight from Tijuana.

"The next morning we woke up and said, did this really happen? Did we really go through this?"

"You know, we're safe. It's definitely something we were thankful at the end off," Dustin Della said.

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