Clovis park shuts down due to fires

FRESNO, Calif.

One of the fires started in a neighborhood near Cameron and Grand Avenue. The area is fenced off, and neighbors said they can't believe someone started the fire in broad daylight.

Little Aiden Williams can't get enough of all things firefighter related. Up until recently he was also crazy about the slides at his neighborhood playground -- until investigators fenced him and all the other kids on the blackout.

"It made me really mad that day. Everybody that has kids here always come to this park," Chris Williams from Clovis said.

Clovis firefighters are looking for anyone responsible for the fires. On October 27 at about four in the afternoon, they went to a call about a fire at a playground. Chad Williams saw it all happen.

"Just a big black plume of smoke burning and melting, plastic just melting and dripping down, it was kind of crazy," William said.

Another fire in late 2011 destroyed a playground near Decatur and Stanford.

"The biggest impact when you look at fire like this is the value loss to the residents who live in that area. That's where they recreate, that's where they go to play," Chad Fitzgerald with the Clovis Fire Department said.

Investigators are now examining video captured on surveillance cameras nearby. For neighbors the real damage is something money can't buy, burning down a place where so many children, make memories.

"It's a sad day that we have to sit here and look at play equipment that's melted with fences around it," Williams said.

Firefighters estimate the damage at ten thousand dollars. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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