'Dogs Defense Rests During Bye Week

FRESNO, Calif.

That would be scoring defense and yards allowed. But it's how some of those yards are being collected that gives the perception of a shaky defense. Of course we're talking about the big play.

"What's impressed me the most is these guys have hung together. There's been times where things are really really good, when 85% of your plays go exactly the way you want. The thing that's impressed me is when the 15% have gone bad, we've been in a lot of adversity. They've kind of responded and come back the next play like it's never happened. I've put them in some bad spots with a couple bad calls. And they've missed some plays they should make. But there's never been a situation where they haven't risen to play the next play. You know the end of those games when the fats in the fire, there's been a lot of good but some really bad that's happen in those games too. They haven't missed a beat. They've always been ready for the next play and that's kind of a tribute to the guys." said Bulldogs Defensive Coordinator Nick Toth.

Toth says he's proud of the resiliency his men have exhibited.

Junior Free Safety Derron Smith is the leader of this unit and says it's his job to make sure each player has a short memory. "Yeah it just talks about you just the type of players that we have. That we all have heart. That we all have that hunger that we want to get out there that next play. Our motto is put the ball down, so even if we give up a big play we know that we're going to come right back. And whether it's on the next play or the next drive or the next play after the big play we're going to shut them down."

Fresno State is using the bye week to get healthy, especially on defense. And they'll get extra time to prepare for an option attack that's run heavy, something head coach Tim DeRutyer says will help his team prepare.

"It takes an extra you know, few days to get used to it. Last year when we played New Mexico, they jumped on us in a hurry. And if you don't have your assignments down, they will. They're one of the most explosive rushing teams in the country, they're 2nd in the country right now in rushing. We know we'll have our hands full." Said DeRuyter.

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