Man found dead in a Fresno County pasture

FRESNO, Calif.

Around 11 a.m. Monday deputies were called out to American and Cove. They found a man dead inside a black Dodge Ram about 200 yards into the field. Investigators aren't saying what type of injuries he had or what may have caused his death. Several people showed up to the scene, including those who said they are related to the man, who appears to be a victim.

"Our detectives are interviewing people that are at the scene and said that they believed that it was a family member, so they are talking to the family right now," Frances Devins with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies aren't sure how long the man was in the truck before he was found. For hours Monday afternoon detectives canvassed the area and collected evidence. Investigators are hoping an autopsy will give them more clues.

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