Making the most out of this special day: 11, 12, 13

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth says it doesn't compare to the number of couples that get married on Valentine's Day, but believes the special date influenced some wedding dates.

Newly-weds, Grant and Carla Sewell, say they couldn't pass up getting married on 11-12-13.

"We were shooting out ideas for dates and she came up with this idea and we were like okay, this is only going to come around once, so it'll be special," he said.

"I was like oh that's easy to remember, can never forget that," his wife added.

Lyle and Jenni McDowell welcomed a new-born son 11-12-13. Their son Bladen was expected Dec. 3 but now his birthday will be even more memorable.

"We were talking about how it was going to be cool if he was born today, but we didn't plan on it," Bladen's father said.

"I think he's going to think it's pretty cool," Jenni added.

Tuesday also proved to be a special date at the Twilight Haven Senior Community. Elaine Hay, one of the residents, turned 106 years old.

"Have you ever known anybody one hundred and six? This is the first person I've known that age," Paul Orloff, her son-in-law said.

The next sequential date is next year, on Dec. 13, 2014. After that, it will be Jan. 2, 2103, nearly a century later.

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