Northwest Fresno church sending support to the Philippines

FRESNO, Calif.

Through songs and prayer those who filled the pews at St. Anthony of Padua sent their support for the victims of one of the most deadly storms of our time. "It's very heartbreaking and you feel sorry for them," said Christy Wood.

"It's very sad and I couldn't keep looking at the people and the devastation," said Espee Avalos. Avalos and her husband came from Madera to be with their Filipino church family. She is also praying for her nephew's family members who were near the areas pummeled by Haiyan. So far, no one has been able to track them down. "It was like the whole city gone. I just cannot imagine how the people are living without food, without shelter, without water," said Avalos.

At the pulpit Father Joel Davadilla led the sermon asking everyone to rally against the destruction with a 'bayanihan' spirit. That's a Filipino term to come together and show resilience in the face of adversity. Davidilla asked the faithful to give what they could to help the survivors of Haiyan.

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