Porterville robbery victim outside OfficeMax faces murder charges


With more than a dozen family and friends watching, Kahmen Saleh sat in a Porterville courtroom, hearing witness testimony in a hearing that will ultimately decide what- if any- charges he'll face.

Saleh is accused of murdering Omar Calderon and Adam Verdusco -- after he says they broke into his car and stole more than $40 thousand in cash meant for his family's business.

Witnesses described what they saw when the crime went down outside of OfficeMax in Porterville back on August 2nd. The judge asked us not to show witnesses' faces.

Kasey Buchanan said, "It was almost like he took two more steps closer to the vehicle and shots were still being fired."

Buchanan says she was driving into the parking lot when the shooting happened right in front of her.

"The driver to the vehicle looked like he was trying to duck," said Buchanan.

Another witnesses testified she saw one of the victims with gunshot wounds to his chest. She says afterwards, she saw the shooter walk to his car, and he seemed shaken.

Patricia Cannin said, "His hands were shaking really bad, very upset as I perceived it."

After the shooting outside OfficeMax, the two victims and Saleh were seen driving their cars fast out of the parking lot. They ultimately crashed roughly one-thousand yards away on nearby Henderson Avenue.

The first officer who arrived at the crash scene, testified that he saw Saleh reaching into the back seat of the victim's backseat, and take out the backpack full of cash.

"He told me in essence, officer I'm on your side," said Officer Brett Callaway. "I just got robbed and I had to defend myself."

Testimony will continue Thursday. Attorneys say it's possible Kamhen Saleh may take the stand.

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