Fresno police step up patrols as ice rink returns

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers say thieves are looking for crimes of opportunity which means they're always searching for their next victim, and police don't want that to be you.

The Downtown Fresno Partnership says there's "nothing cooler" than Fresno on ice, but what's not so cool is the fact that burglars are counting on you as you rush to the rink. They're hoping you'll leave things in your car and they're hoping you'll become their next target.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "We don't want to instill fear in anyone in the community but we do want to instill awareness and whenever people become aware they're less likely to become a victim of a crime that makes our job easier and their life easier."

This year awareness is in the form of security. Extra lighting around the rink and the surrounding area. You'll also see flyers everywhere.

Kate Borders with the Downtown Fresno Partnership said, "It's handed out at all the parking garages so that people can hopefully remember to lock their car before they're too far away from their vehicle and the businesses are also reminding people."

Last year, 31,000 skaters hit the rink and enjoyed the ice. This year the Downtown Fresno Partnership continues to work with the business community to remind visitors and holiday revelers to use their best judgment whenever they're out on the town.

Borders said, "We just want people to be smart about their behavior, not leave doors unlocked and that's true anywhere, not just downtown."

Fresno's Police Chief wants to stress- while general crime is trending downward throughout the city, prevention is still key which means officers are counting on you to help them fight crime.

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