Out of town scammers targeting Valley businesses

FRESNO, Calif.

"You're frustrated, you're violated you are trying to figure out ways to do it but they make you feel inferior," said Jennifer Callahan.

About a year and a half ago her business got a call from a salesperson from the company, Public Pages, offering them free online ads. During that conversation she told us they answered a series of questions. "Is this your business name? Yes. Is this your address? Yes," said Callahan.

Recently she got an invoice for 600 dollars. She tried to dispute the charge but was met with this response, "He played the tape back and that's my employee's voice," added Callahan.

She paid up but the Better Business Bureau told us -- she was conned. "They play back the telephone recording to which you have answered yes or no to, but the questions they are playing back to you are not the questions you answered when you were first interviewed," said Blair Looney.

Looney told us Public Pages has an "F" rating with the non-profit. He says these con artists make victims believe they authorized a payment for the ads. They then threaten to send their victims to collections. Experts advise anyone who gets similar calls to hang up.

The BBB has over 500 complaints about similar cases for Public Pages. Experts told us the company also goes by other names including Public Yellow Pages and Internet Solutions.

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