Fresno man found guilty of murder for killing his wife

FRESNO, Calif.

A jury Friday found Daniel Galvan guilty of first degree murder in the death of Ann Marie Galvan. The woman was shot to death in her home last year. Her two children, then aged 4 and 9, were in the house when she was killed.

Daniel Galvan showed no emotion as the verdict was read. But outside the courtroom members of the victim's family were obviously happy with the outcome.

Prosecutor Jeff Dupras was pleased the jury did not buy Galvan's excuse, that he was high on drugs when he killed his wife. "It's not a new defense, but it's one that I'm glad obviously didn't work clearly the jury didn't buy it that because he did drugs he shouldn't be responsible and I'm glad they found the verdict that he did, that he's guilty," Dupras said.

Galvan could be facing from 50 years to life to life in prison. Galvan is 35-years-old. He will be sentenced in January.

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