Fight outside Elbow Room sends man to hospital

FRESNO, Calif.

Friends have identified the man as Nick Burriel. He is listed in critical condition at Community Regional Medical Center. Officers found Burriel lying on the ground outside the Elbow Room in Fig Garden. Police say there was a fight in the bar and then both men left through separate doors.

Several minutes later, one of the men who was involved in the fight was found unconscious outside. Police believe he fell after he was hit, knocking his head on the concrete.

"Because at one point he actually coded out and they actually restarted his heart at the hospital. So we are trying to see which way this is going to go, hopefully it will be for the better and they will save him and we won't have this crime scene," Lt. Mike Doyle with the Fresno Police Department said.

Police say the other person involved may be unaware that the victim was knocked out. Officers also say it is very possible that he could face serious charges.

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