Note reveals new evidence in Northwest Fresno murder-suicide

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members Monday said Harmandeep Singh left a suicide note that was turned over to detectives. While the couple may have seemed to be all smiles around their family, police are finding there were some underlying problems.

At the home where two newlyweds died family members gathered, many were puzzled as to why the couple, who many felt was so happy, could end up dead in a murder-suicide. Police collected a safe from the home and other items over the weekend as they looked for answers.

One clue officers received was a loud indication the crime may have been planned out. The security code was changed within 24 hours prior to the double shooting. Family members say suspect, Harmandeep Singh had to have been the one to change it.

"Supposedly the alarm was changed recently we don't know why. We do know that there was other family members that either lived there or would come there and stay for a few days and then leave," Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said.

The couple was recently married in India, in an elaborate ceremony. A reception in Fresno was planned for later this month. Harmandeep's family says the marriage was arranged but the couple was in love.

Some described Singh and his new bride, Karanjit Kaur, as so inseparable she would join her husband on long haul routes out of state in his big rig.

Action News has learned a note left behind authored by the suspect said I am going to kill myself. In the handwritten note, he blamed his wife but said he loved her.

Since Saturday, investigators have learned the pair had some financial problems police believe may have contributed to the murder-suicide. Some family members said Kaur told them there were some issues in their marriage. But many of the questions police have may never be able to answer.

"We may not ever know the details that led up to the double shooting and it's a tragedy," Salazar said.

Police say the gun belonged to Harmandeep Singh. Officers are now doing forensic tests on the weapon and also analyzing bullets used in the crime. Funeral arrangements are pending. But family members say the couple will be cremated, and remain together during this process.

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