Breaking Down the BCS for Fresno State

FRESNO, Calif.

We've got more from Edwards to help explain the situation the 'Dogs face moving forward in hopes of becoming BCS Busters.

With Fresno State on the outside looking in on the BCS, analysts say it's who they've played this year that has them now behind Northern Illinois in the latest standings.

"Fresno State actually ranks dead last in the nation. Weakest schedule in the entire nation in our strength of schedule rankings. And I would imagine it's not a whole lot better in most of the BCS computers. And that's what it comes down to. And you know San Jose State is a decent team. But it's certainly not going to help your strength of schedule a great deal. The conference championship game will help a little bit more." said Edwards.

A little more, but not nearly enough.

The 'Dogs biggest wins are against a Rutgers team that is now 5-5 and struggling to be bowl eligible. And the so-called signature win against Boise State in late September looks a lot less impressive with the Broncos at 7-4 and coming off a loss to San Diego State last Saturday.

The 'Dogs have played in some really close games. And they've been involved in blowout victories. Edwards says the current system is designed to throw that element out of the decision process.

"You know Fresno State's been winning a lot of games by big scores lately. That's not helping them. All that matters is who did you beat and in some of these cases, a lot of the cases it matters where the game is played. And so that's one of the things that comes into play. A road win against a good team is better than a home win."

There are still two games left to play for the 'Dogs and Edwards says it'll be a longshot that Fresno State would surpass NIU this late in the season. But he admits, it's not impossible.

"One thing that I think could potentially be a factor is that Norther Illinois played in a BCS game last year. And while they didn't get embarrassed, they also didn't come close to beating Florida State. And there might be a lot of people out there when it comes to that last day who would rather see someone else have a shot this year." added Edwards.

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