Serial burglar hits Northeast Fresno businesses

FRESNO, Calif.

Using a trash can, the thief hopped onto a ladder and then climbed onto the roof above "Shear Faith" Salon near Blackstone and Herndon. He then busted through the ceiling leaving his dirty footprints on the walls inside the salon.

Once inside, it didn't take him long to walk around the corner and find Judie Howard's wigs. She specializes in wigs of all colors shapes and sizes. The thief grabbed one, put it on, and ran to the front of the store, where he stole a small amount of cash. He kept the wig, climbed back up the roof and then went back out the way he came in.

Back on the roof he walked a few stores over and climbed down into Bella Bead, where Sherry Belcher is a long time employee.

Belcher said, "He definitely scoped the place out I'm sure of that, he may have even been here."

Inside the bead store, the thief couldn't find anything. When the alarm sounded he then kicked his way through the front door, leaving the owners with a mess to clean up and pay for.

Belchers said, "We're out the money, obviously you have to repair your door and ceiling and it's a shame what's happening in society today."

Police say his string of destruction didn't stop there he made his way into the next shopping center breaking into a sports store and stealing an empty cash drawer.

As for the wig, he dropped it along the way. Judie Howard says he may as well have kept it. "He had it on his head I'm not going to put it back I don't want any of my clients to have that."

So far, it looks like there's just one suspect, but there could be more. There may be more victims too.

Late Wednesday afternoon ABC30 learned a nearby cookie store was also broken into and the thief took off with a tray of cookies.

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