Witnesses to Elbow Room fight step forward

FRESNO, Calif.

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One man remains in a coma and the other man in the fight still has not talked with investigators. Police say close to 50 witnesses have been interviewed so far and there are still more people to talk to about the violent incident.

The Burriel family released a bed-side photo to Action News Tuesday, nine days after a fight at the Elbow Room in the Fig Garden Village. 23-year-old Nick Burriel is still in a coma.

Kristal Brown and Renee Peña describe to Action News what they saw that night as a brutal attack on Burriel.

"He literally went up with his left hand, grabbed him by the throat, used his right hand to grab him by the arm and threw him to the ground off of the stool his was sitting at the bar," Brown said.

Peña says the other man involved in the confrontation, Aharon Devoyan, pushed passed her group and stomped on her foot as he rushed toward Burriel. "It was evident he was trying to get somewhere, because he shoves in between us," she said. "Just as we're talking about it we hear him yelling at the guy."

Police have not released many details about what the dozens of other witnesses are reporting from that night. But, they say each day more people are giving their version of what moments they saw.

Burriel, in the meantime, remains in the intensive care unit. "I'd switch places with him in a minute, I would," said Nick Burriel, Sr. "I don't know what he's feeling, what he has felt. All that pain. That's difficult for me."

We've learned Devoyan is back to work. His attorney told Action News "we are gathering information and talking to eyewitnesses, these include many of the same people who police have talked to as well."

Peña and Brown are waiting to give investigators their statements, too.

No charges have been filed in this case. Police say in addition to witness interviews they're also processing some physical evidence found at the scene.

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