Black Friday backlash

FRESNO, Calif.

The preparations seem to get more elaborate each year with tents being set up this year at the Best Buy in Clovis.

The Moreno family already has plans to spend the day at the Best Buy store for Thanksgiving Day.

"My wife's here, my son's right there," Paul Moreno said. "I've also got a friend here, yeah this is my family time."

The Morenos are in year two of the holiday sale campout. But their friend Michelle Christopherson let us in on the big scoop of what really brings them out, she's getting paid to wait in line. "I'm enjoying it," she said. "I get to hang out with a good friend of mine and his family."

She certainly had an incentive, just like everyone else in line. Only theirs is to save rather than make money. But for those, likely begrudgingly, scheduled to work Thanksgiving Day to accommodate the shopping frenzy, some support on Facebook and Twitter.

A photo is being shared nationwide on Facebook by people pledging not to shop because everyone deserves a holiday. And others, they're tweeting their anger about those long lines. Some are posting with the hashtag Black Friday Alternatives, or Grey Thursday.

One harsh Tweet saying "Boycotting all stores adv being open on Thanksgiving. #GreyThursday is the worst form of corporate materialism. Yuck."

Protests are being planned across the country Friday. One Valley Walmart store, at Shaw and Peach in Clovis, is on the list.

The callout on Twitter: "Support Walmart strikers and living wages! Join in tweeting Black Friday Alternatives -- instead of shopping."

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